Study the game before rushing to roulette

Reading before you play any game should be the smart player’s motto. When it comes to roulette, read about odds, rules, various mandatory bets. Once you understand the game almost as much as they run it, you’re ready to have fun.

Here are four books and what they offer those who have never played or have experience but want to learn more.

Norman Squire’s How to Win at Roulette ($ 16, paperbound) was published over 40 years ago but is still a must-read classic as it contains a mountain of systems for American or European tables. There are methods for novice bettors to visit dewapoker or experienced including Alembert, Paroli, Martingale and variations, and the work is packed with examples and advice. Prior to writing the book the author was a senior instructor at the School of Croupiers.

Killer Roulette by Carl Sampson ($ 19.95, paperbound, 202 pages) has colorful ideas and stories about the player system, cheats, how the wheels are biased, and manual tracking mechanisms. Throughout this book are anecdotes about Joseph Jaggers, Rashid Khan, and the Montgomery Brothers, all considered “roulette legends,” who won millions of dollars on the table. The author is a former bookie who has worked in the industry for a decade.

Brett Morton’s Roulette – Play To Win ($ 19.99, paperbound, 270 pages) reviews Fibonacci, Labouchere, and Revere Labouchere; bet on the order, bet against the wheel; money management, and the importance of keeping records during and after playing. The compelling stories make this book a gem of an idea generator as well as a fun way to learn the game and experiment with developing your own methodology.

Norman Leigh Thirteen Against the Bank ($ 16.95, paperbound, 238 pages) is a very easy-to-read classic, originally published in 1976.Whenever this book goes out of print (several times already), roulette fans seem to be suddenly on the line. arrived demanding to return. It will make a good film. No one is sure whether this is fact or a work of fiction – but it remains a colorful read of teams of roulette players traveling around European casinos to beat the game methodically and consistently. The team ended up being banned from every casino in France.

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